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CIC Associates, P.C.

Chest, Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Associates, PC.
1601 NW 114th Street, Suite 347
Des Moines, Iowa 50325-7046
(515) 224-1777
(515) 225-6750 FAX

  • Specializing In:

    Pulmonary Diseases
    Infectious Diseases
    Critical Care Medicine
    Sleep Medicine
    Travel Medicine
    Hyperbaric Medicine
    Wound Care

    The following services are available: pulmonary function testing, industrial pulmonary spirometry testing, arterial blood gases, pulse oximetry, outpatient intravenous antibiotic therapy, asthma clinic, travel medicine information and counseling.

  • Services:


    Chest x-rays will be completed in our office, while other necessary x-rays will be completed elsewhere. Some of the laboratory tests will be performed in our office while others will be sent out to reference laboratories. Please feel free to ask questions regarding our tests.


    Breathing studies are also performed in our office. This is testing to evaluate the lungs for different diseases and the effects of therapy.


    Under certain circumstances, an infection or other disease processes can be treated with an intravenous medication without the patient remaining in the hospital. If your doctor feels that such an approach can be offered without compromising the outcome, he will discuss this treatment option with you. This service can be provided through this office or other home health care and durable medical equipment providers.
  • Fees And Insurance:


    We ask that payment be made at the time services are rendered, providing no other arrangements have been made. All copayments must be paid at the time of your appointment. Our office is equipped with computerized billing. We require the necessary information to process health insurance claims and forward them to the proper claim office. Please feel free to call our office with any questions. We expect you to be aware of your health insurance contracts so that we can assist you with all required guidelines where applicable:


    We accept assignment on medical services. Assignment means that we agree to write off any difference between our regular fee and the amount Medicare has approved. Medicare will pay 80% of the balance, You are responsible for the remaining 20%, plus any deductibles and/ or noncovered services. Claims for supplemental insurance benefits will be filed and the remaining balance after insurance has paid is the patient's responsibility.


    We are participating physicians with all Wellmark Insurance Plans. We accept the usual, customary, and reasonable charge under your contract benefits. Any remaining co-insurance and/ or deductibles will be your responsibility.


    As consulting physicians,there are some contracts that require prior approval from your primary care physician. If prior approval is not obtained, charges will be your responsibility at the time of service. Copayments are due at the time of service.


    We require an eligibility card to be shown to the receptionist at the time you check in. For all Medipass patients, we require that you obtain a referral from your primary physician.

    It is your responsibilty to know the benifits and requirements for your policy and to obtain pre-authorization or referrals.


    All claims require a release of medical information. Our policy is that the Assignment of Benefits be made to the doctor, unless services are paid in full. Any fees unpaid by the insurance company are the obligation of the patient. We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company other than to supply factual information. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for the balance on the account.

    Your charges will depend upon the number and kind of services provided. Laboratory and x-rays require additional charges depending upon their cost, the time and skill required. We would appreciate it if you would be prepared to take care of your account at the time of your office visit.

What We Do....

Care of patients is performed by our medical specialists in either an inpatient or outpatient setting. It is the goal of our physicians to provide this diversified and versatile care of patients in the highest professional manner.

The medical practice, which is also known as CIC Associates, is pleased to provide this web site which includes a directory of our services and biographical sketches of our physicians for your use. Please call us at any time if we can be of assistance to you and your patients.

CIC Associates is a referral-based practice. This means that a primary care physician or another specialist refers patients to our practice to evaluate a problem.