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Infectious Disease

We promptly evaluate and treat patients with suspected or diagnosed with any of the following:

• Osteomyelitis
• Cellulitis
• Other Soft Tissue Infections
• Chronic or Refractory Urinary Tract Infections
• Sexually-Transmitted Diseases
• Lyme Disease
• HIV Infection
• Infections in Immunologically Compromised Patients
• Brucellosis
• Fungal Infections
• Parasitic Infections
• Other Obscure, Geographic, Occupational, or Laboratory-Acquired Infections

Wound Treatment Center

CIC Associates, P.C. physicians actively participate in the Wound Treatment Center at Mercy Hospital Medical Center. The center takes a multidisciplinary approach to problem wounds.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Two of our physicians were instrumental in the development of the first hyperbaric medicine unit in the state. It is located at Mercy Hospital and continues to be actively used in the adjunctive treatment of problem wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, radiation injuries, diving-related problems, and chronic infections such as osteomyelitis.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and Enriched Red Blood Cells

Outpatient Intravenous Infusion Program

We offer a comprehensive program to provide outpatient intravenous therapies, including antibiotics, immunotherapy, and Prolastin therapy. This program provides an opportunity to maximize cost containment and minimize the patient's distress from being in an institutional environment.

Our IV nurse therapists have extensive training and experience in all aspects of the program. They are supported by our registered nursing staff, who provide call coverage 24 hours a day.

A wide variety of drug delivery and IV access systems are available, allowing us the flexibility we need to meet your needs. We have the capability to provide these mechanical aspects of a home IV treatment program, along with patient education and training. IV access maintenance and nurse/physician follow-up by our staff of professionals assure coordination of care. Our personnel are trained and have extensive expertise working with insurance companies and their managed care personnel.