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Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine Clinic

At CIC Associates, P.C., we diagnose and treat pediatric and adult plagues with the following:

• Sleep Apnea
• Insomnia
• Restless Legs Syndrome
• Disorders of Hypersomnia (e.g., Narcolepsy)
• Circadian Rhythm Disorders (e.g., Shift Work Disorder)
• Parasomnias (e.g., Complex Sleep Behaviors Such as Sleepwalking)

Testing & Assessment

Available testing includes home and in-lab sleep study testing (polysomnography), maintenance of wakefulness testing (MWT), multiple sleep latency testing (MSLT), actigraphy, and nocturnal pulse oximetry. Overnight sleep studies are performed seven days a week (excluding holidays). We also assess patients for bariatric surgery and DOT driving clearance.